Our Approach

We're looking for creative people. We started Canoodle because we're passionate about art and communicating. We believe there are amazing voices out there that can say something important, or they can say something preposterously stupid in an entertaining way. We're open.

Our Story

One day three dudes decided to make a studio in Bakersfield, California. Shit, turns out it might have been a good idea.

Meet the Team

Canoodle is a creator-driven studio, with a purpose. Meet the purpose makers.


Jared Lawson


Smokin' Phat J, the leader, the wind beneath our wings.


Seven Bates

Creative Director

The beautiful bastard who makes everything beautiful.


Tzu-Chi Hsu


The i-dotter, the t-crosser, the man with the plan.

Contact Us

Would you like to become part of the Canoodle team? Reach out to us directly and let's discuss what ideas you have floating around in that head of yours.